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Congratulations to all of the winners of the First Music Video Awards Show.  A special thanks to Rockwired Magazine for their great coverage of the event and the really great programs, the people who came to the event, and the people who helped make this event possible.  Check out the great write up that Rockwired Magazine did on the event


Best Male Vocalist Paul Adey - Sinking In Quicksand

Best Female Vocalist  Lonna Marie - I Love the Enemy


Best Rock Video  Madus - All the Way


Best Dance Video Andre Xcellence - Werk Out

Best Hip Hop Video Cam James - Paradigm


Best Social Commentary Video Rooftop Revolutionaries - Folk Devils


Party Video Nikki Lorenzo - Work That Charm


Horror Themed Video Thieves of Paradise - Wake the Dead


Most Dramatic Video Less Love - Horse Race


Best Music Video Little Galaxies - Tonight & JJXO - Grind


Best Animation Video The Hipwaders - el chupacabra


Best Lyric Video Ultra Violent Rays - Wish


Most Likely to be an Indie Film Less Love - Horse Race


Best Performance Video Marquis of Vaudeville - Utopian Playland


Best Comedic Video Artist Song The Hipwaders - El Chupacabra


Visually Stunning Katie Stump - Minnesota


Feel Good Little Galaxies - Tonight